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• 2/15/2017

Citadel Grey Skin Giveaway!

Hi All,
In order to receive a code for the Citadel Grey Skin you will need to browse the wiki's Freelancer pages/other articles and then provide constructive feedback in reply to this post on 3 things from the list below which you:
1. like
2. would like to see more of
3. think could use improvement
4. feel is missing

That's it! Either give me your Discord/Reddit user name in your post or if you are a registered Fandom user then I will PM you the code that way.

Thanks so much!

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• 2/20/2017
1. I really like the style of this wiki. I think it covers the detailed info for the lancers, while giving background and lore.
2. I'd like to see some templates for shapes of attacks, perhaps you could have templates (cone, line, square, arc) and then have them modifiable for the specific size or usage. For instance, Asana's primary would be something like "Double 270 arc, overlapping by 30 degrees, range 2."
3. I think there could be more referencial pieces. I particularly find it hard to grasp how each move is controlled, ei: Celeste's primary or Oz's ult, or Elle's primary, etc.
• 2/15/2018
1. The Abilities page, "abilities" topic: I would like to see a clarification on Prep, Dash, Blast phase abilities. IE: Phase order, effect order, possible interactions with other skills.
2. It might be worthwhile to add in a base template for each Freelancer. I know it can be daunting trying to figure out how to cata/build your Freelancer if you're new to the game.
3. I don't see much more room for possible improvement. Well done on the Wiki!

PS: I know I'm a year late. I've been gone from the world for a bit :P
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