Example Banner

Example banner with numbers blurred out for anonymity

A banner is the player's means of representing themselves as players in Atlas Reactor, in the form of a customizable banner that features the player's in-game name, a background texture, an emblem and an optional title. The combination of all these things is what is considered the banner in its entirety.

Glyph Tag

A player's in-game name is called a Glyph Tag, and it of course features prominently on the banner. A Glyph Tag is shown as the player's nickname separated from the number assigned to the player's Glyph Tag with a hashtag (#) (Ex: Lockwood#1234).


The banner background is an often colorful texture that makes up the majority of the banner. As the name implies, it serves as the background of the banner, and every other part of the banner is featured on top of it as a result. Backgrounds come in a broad variety of designs, ranging from just colorful patterns, designs related to Freelancers and so on.


The banner emblem is an icon placed in the left side of the banner. The emblem can feature both generic designs, such as geometric shapes or patterns, as well as feature iconography related to the Freelancers, Trusts or other similar things.


As the name implies, titles are short blurb of text, which contain descriptive phrases or words. Titles are rarer than the other two banner parts, and are also more limited in breadth. They include Freelancer Level titles specific to each Freelancer, promotional titles, titles related to Seasons and so on.


Ribbons are small icons next to a player's banner, which will feature on the edge of the banner. So far, these are very limited in variety, and will only feature the icon and colors of one of the Trusts. They were earned for taking part in different events.

Reactor Level

Only visible to the player itself is the Reactor Level (shortened on the banner to 'R. Lvl'), which is the combined amount of Season Levels earned across all the seasons that the player has taken part in. In the past, the player had the option of displaying the number of wins the player had earned instead, but it is currently not possible to change what is displayed.