Atlas Reactor has a broad variety of unlockable items that are broadly categorized as cosmetic items, as they do not affect the gameplay in any way. These range from Freelancer customization that is visible in matches, to customization of a player's own Banner, their in-menu representation.

Cosmetic items are unlocked in a variety of ways, including Loot Matrices, Events and


Skins allow the player to customize the appearance of their Freelancer in two ways. The first and most impactful is skins, which change the theme of a Freelancer in a major way by changing the basic model of the character. Each skin (including the basic appearance) also have a variety of styles. Styles are a second, more minor way to change a Freelancer. Styles are alternative colorations of skins, and they come in several different color combinations per skin.

The banner is the main representation of the player outside of matches. It unsurprisingly appears as a banner, on which the player's Glyph Tag appears, with a background graphic, an optional title and an emblem of the player's choice. Each player starts with a generic background and emblem, but can unlock new components of the banner through various means.


Taunts are short cinematics which the player can choose to play when using an ability that has one unlocked. Each taunt can only be used once per match, and taunts in general can only be used twice per match for each player. Every ability in the game has at least one taunt associated with it, and some have more.


Visual Effects are cosmetic items that modify the visuals of a Freelancer's abilities. Each of them is unlocked individually for specific abilities, and not all abilities have the option. All Primary abilities have a possible golden modification unlocked through Ranked play.


Overcons can be used by players in a match to make an animated icon briefly appear over their Freelancer's head. They often feature the Freelancers, but can also be more general. Each player can only use one Overcon per turn.


Emojis are brief animated icons that can be added to chat messages for added flavor. They are usable in the chat both in-game and in the lobby. They generally feature the Freelancers with amusing expressions.