Banner Emblems are icons that feature on a player's Banner. These emblems feature a broad variety of designs, ranging from Trust or Freelancer related, to just simple designs that aren't obviously related to anything particular. Emblems can be obtained in many different ways, primarily in Loot Matrices, but also through Events, Seasons and promotional means.

General Emblems

These are emblems that are always available, regardless of the time of year, season and so on. The majority of the emblems are tied to a Freelancer, and has iconography that relates to them somehow.

Loot Matrix

These Emblems can be found in the general loot matrixes

or bought for
for Uncommon and
for Rare Emblems.

Game Purchase

These Emblems can be bought for
Flux Flux
  • A currency earned through playing games
  • Used for purchasing the following:
    • Freelancers
    • Titles
    • Banner Emblems/Backgrounds
    • Master
      Master - Master

Season Emblems

These where the emblems only avaible during a certain season.

Ranked Emblems

These Emblems where given as a reward for your accomplishments in ranked.

Event Emblems

These emblems are emblems that are or were available during specific events, including seasonal events, and relates to the events somehow.

Promotional Emblems

These are emblems that are or were available through purchase of the game or other promotions. Also, there were custom emblems rewarded to some contributing players before season 1 starts.

Other Emblems

These emblems don't really fit in any of the previous categories.