Emojis are small animated icons featuring some of the Freelancers with various humorous expressions or designs that can be added to chat messages both in the menu and in-game. They can be added to a chat message either by using the emoji browser placed next to the chat window, or through using text shortcuts (such as :laugh:, which depicts
Lockwood-Game Portrait
Lockwood-Game Portrait
laughing). A player can only use emojis that they have already unlocked.

General Emojis

These are emojis that are always available, regardless of the time of year, season and so on.

Loot Matrix

These Emojis can be found in the general loot matrixes

Season Emojis

These where the emojis only avaible during a certain season.

Event Emojis

These Emojis where only available during a certain event.