Freelancers are the characters that players play as in Atlas Reactor. Each Freelancer belongs to a role that broadly describes the playstyle of the character. There are three roles in Atlas Reactor: Firepower, Frontline and Support.

List of Freelancers

Currently, 33 Freelancers have been released, with the latest being Magnus on November 7th, 2017.

Role-Firepower Firepower

Powerful damage dealers who work best when staying out of harm's way.

Firepowers are generally the main source of damage for a team but also have the drawback of having a low amount of health. The fact that they have a lower health pool is usually offset by one or more abilities that will provide them with the tools they need to stay alive. The most common utility by far is some form of dash, followed by stealth and then ending on life steal and shields.

Firepower Freelancers use a wide array of abilities, including long, medium and close range. Some of them use traps too, which are set in the Prep Phase and trigger in various different phases.

There are currently 16 Firepower Freelancers:

  • Blackburn-Game Portrait
  • Celeste-Game Portrait
  • Elle-Game Portrait
  • Gremolitions Inc.-Game Portrait
  • Grey-Game Portrait
  • Juno-Game Portrait
  • Kaigin-Game Portrait
  • Lex-Game Portrait
  • Lockwood-Game Portrait
  • Nev-Game Portrait
  • Nix-Game Portrait
  • Oz-Game Portrait
  • PuP-Game Portrait
  • Tol-Ren-Game Portrait
  • Vonn-Game Portrait
  • Zuki-Game Portrait

Role-Frontline Frontline

Armored warriors who can defend allies and absorb damage.
Frontline Freelancers can have abilities that attack from range but their primary ability is often close range. They often have abilities to hinder enemy movement via knockbacks or by applying effects like
Slow-Icon Slow
Reduces movement by 50%
Rooted-Icon Rooted
Removes all movement

They are most known for being bullies, pushing their large health pools into the middle of enemy formations and trying to cause disruption. This is usually easy to accomplish because all of them have a dash ability that deals damage. Not only do they have larger health pools but it is very common for them to have some form of damage mitigation in the form of healing or shields, making them even harder to kill and more of a nuisance.

There are currently 9 Frontline Freelancers:

  • Asana-Game Portrait
  • Brynn-Game Portrait
  • Garrison-Game Portrait
  • Isadora-Game Portrait
  • Magnus-Game Portrait
  • Phaedra-Game Portrait
  • Rampart-Game Portrait
  • Rask-Game Portrait
  • Titus-Game Portrait

Role-Support Support

Specialists who can heal or prevent damage to keep their allies fighting strong.

Support Freelancers use healing, shielding and damage mitigating abilities to keep their teammates alive. Often times supports will provide buffs for their teammates and debuffs for the enemy team. On their own they can still deal a decent amount of damage but in general do less damage than the other roles due to the fact that they are assisting their teammates.

There are currently 8 Support Freelancers:

  • Aurora-Game Portrait
  • Dr. Finn-Game Portrait
  • Helio-Game Portrait
  • Khita-Game Portrait
  • Meridian-Game Portrait
  • Orion-Game Portrait
  • Quark-Game Portrait
  • Su-Ren-Game Portrait