GG Boost
GG Boost
GG (alluding to the common saying 'GG' or 'Good Game') Boosts are a consumable item that can be used in Atlas Reactor matches to give an EXP boost to the player and every other player in the game. Any player who uses a GG boost in a game will receive a bonus of 30% of the match's base EXP reward, and will give every other player in the match with them 10% bonus EXP in addition. You can use up to 3 GG Boosts per game. This stacks with every other player who similarly uses a GG Boost in the same game. As there are up to 8 players in a single game, if every player uses 3 GG Boost, each player will receive up to 300% extra EXP from the match.

Using GG Boosts

GG Boosts can either be used during the match or at the conclusion of the match, with very little difference in result.
During a match, a player can click the small GG button to the right of their character portrait in the user interface. Using a GG Boost during the match will play a notification sound to everyone and make the Banner of the player who used the GG Boost pop up in the upper left part of the user interface for every player. It will also show how much bonus EXP is currently awarded to the viewer specifically.
During the Victory/Defeat screen, a GG Boost button will be highlighted in the middle of the screen. Clicking it will instantly use a GG Boost, play the notification sound, and will show the player and everyone else the total EXP bonus awarded through GG boosts during that game.

Earning GG Boosts

GG Boosts are earned in a variety of ways:

  • The most common way to run into them is through Loot Matrices. GG Boosts are a common reward in them.
  • GG Boosts are often awarded through in-game events, such as the Snowmageddon! challenges.
  • GG Boosts are rewarded consistently through the Referral system.