Atlas reactor features multiple game modes, each with it's own rules and twists.

All gamemodes are played on the same maps.


The standard Atlas reactor gamemode.

You get 1 point per kill and the first to 5 points or whoever has the most points after 20 turns wins.

In case of a draw the game continues until it's no longer a draw at the end of a turn.


A seasonal gamemode.

At the begining of the game a case will spawn in the middle on the map, walking or dashing over this case will pick it up. While holding the case you cannot sprint and will be revealed to the oposing team.

If you dash or take enough damage you will drop the case and will be unable to pick it up again this turn.

You gain 2 points per kill and 1 point per turn that your team holds the case, if you reach 10 points an extraction zone will apear, bring the case there and you win.

This is classified as a non-standard gamemode however due to popular demand it might become a standard one.

Non-standard gamemodes

These are wacky gamemode that change from time to time and are all variations on the Deathmatch gamemode.

Clone Combat

A normal deathmatch where each team get's a random freelancer but everyone in the team get's the same freelancer.

Supportal Kombat

A normal deathmatch with only supports, damage increased by 50% and every health buff get's changed to a might buff.


A normal deathmatch where all damage, healing and shielding is increased by 50%, power-ups will respawn more frequently and be off a random type. you also gain 20 energy per turn instead of 5. Lastly you will need 8 points instead of 5 to win.