The Last Word

A twin cannon-wielding warrior who stands her ground no matter the odds.

Juno-Game Portrait
Role Role-Firepower Firepower
Affiliation TrustIcon omni Omni Trust
Hit Points 150

Laser BarragePhase-Blast
No Cooldown
Fire a barrage of lasers from each cannon. Targets take 24 direct damage, or 32 if hit by both laser barrages.

Gain 6 energy per enemy hit

Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Damage Up
Minigun Mayhem
Enemies hit by one barrage take an additional 4 damage.
Mod Type-Damage Up
Concentrated Fire  (Default)
Enemies hit by overlapping barrages take an additional 4 damage.
Mod Type-Effect Size
Fire At Will
Increase the size of the barrage by 40%.
Mod Type-Energy
Spinning Up
Using Laser Barrage increases the energy gain of Laser Barrage next turn by 4.
3 Cooldown
Tether a target to their current position for the turn, if they move further than 2 spaces away they take 30 indirect damage.

Gain 12 energy if damage is dealt.

Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Cooldown
Maximum Security
Cooldown is reduced by 1 turn if Lockdown doesn't trigger.
Mod Type-Bad Status
Revealed-Icon Revealed
Can be seen by enemies
the target until the end of next Decision Mode.
Mod Type-Damage Up
Watch Your Step  (Default)
Increase damage by 1 per square traveled.
Mod Type-Special
If Lockdown is triggered, the target is
Scrambled-Icon Scrambled
Can only use primary ability or Catalyst
next turn.
Off LimitsPhase-Blast
4 Cooldown
Create a shockwave dealing 25 direct damage.
Rooted-Icon Knockback
Lose movement for the turn
enemies hit by up to 2 squares.

Gain 8 energy per enemy hit.

Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Damage Up
Increases the damage of Off Limits by 3.
Mod Type-Special
Knockout  (Default)
Increase the distance of the knockback by 2.
Mod Type-Bad Status
Seeing Stars
Adjacent enemies are additionally
Slow-Icon Slow
Reduces movement by 50%
next turn.
Mod Type-Effect Size
Increase the size of the arc by 33%.
Riot Shield
Free Action
3 Cooldown
Create an electrical barrier, generating 40 shields.

Gain 5 energy on use.

Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Cooldown
Reduce the cooldown by 1 if the shield takes no damage.
Mod Type-Shield Up
Hold the Line
Gain 10 additional shields if used while Lay Down the Law is active.
Mod Type-Energy
Overcharge  (Default)
Gain 1 energy per 5 damage that the shield absorbs.
Mod Type-Special
Shield Battery
Lasts until end of next turn.
Lay Down the LawPhase-Blast
2 Cooldown
Anchor to the ground and unleash a superheated beam in a direction. Deals 38 direct damage and any enemies that move through the beam take 38 indirect damage. Can be used again on subsequent turns to sweep the beam. You cannot move and are
Unstoppable-Icon Unstoppable
Immune to knockbacks and movement reduction
while using this ability.

Activation Cost: 50 energy
Sweep Cost: 20 energy

Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Good Status
Dancing Shoes
Haste-Icon Haste
Increases movement by 50%
when de-anchoring.
Mod Type-Effect Size
Indiscriminate Destruction
Increase the arc of the sweep by 33%.
Mod Type-Energy
Efficient Extermination  (Default)
Reduce initial energy cost by 10.
Mod Type-Damage Up
High Intensity
Deal up to 7 extra damage to nearby targets, reduced by 1 for each square further away they are.
Mod Type-Damage Up
Heating Up
Increase the damage by 5 each turn you are anchored, capping at 15 additional damage.


SKILLS:Captivating any audience.

KNOWN FOR:Being Omni's Head of Security.

BIGGEST DREAM:She's already living it!


Asana-Game Portrait
Seen having lunch at Omni-Plex.


Celeste-Game Portrait
Juno has some strong suspicions about Celeste’s involvement in Omni break-ins.


Juno grew up in the shadow of Atlas, in one of the many small border communities between Atlas and The Waste during the Titan War. Like so many others, she hoped to be sponsored by one of the Trusts and gain entry into Atlas. Omni officials were initially alerted to her as a security threat, given that she'd taken out twenty armed raiders with stones (at first), and later with the weapons she'd acquired along the way. After monitoring her for a short time, Omni soon saw her potential and sponsored her as a security trainee. The doors of Atlas were finally open.

Since then, the charismatic, twin cannon-wielding warrior has risen through the Omni ranks with impressive efficiency. In the wake of the Omni break-ins, Juno was seen as the only candidate above suspicion and has been put in charge of fixing the situation. She is the youngest ever Head of Security at Omni Trust, and a formidable opponent for any Freelancer.

Voiced By: Mara Junot

Deal 200 damage with Lay Down the Law in one game as
Juno-Game Portrait
Juno-Game Portrait