Loot Matrices are the main method of acquiring various items in Atlas Reactor and the only way to acquire
  • A currency earned through
    Loot Matrix-Single
     Loot Matrices
  • Used to purchase loot


Loot Matrices can be acquired in the following ways:

  1. Season Levels
    Each time you reach a new Season Level you earn 1 Loot Matrix.
  2. Purchase
    In the "Loot" tab within the game there is a button that says "Get More" and you can click this to buy Loot Matrices. The packages you can buy are:
  3. Missions
    Certain Challenge Missions may award loot matrices, whether they are special Event matrices or regular ones.


Loot Matrices give out 3 items when opened. The types of things you can receive are:

Types of Loot Matrices

There are currently 3 overall types of Loot Matrices:

  • Regular Loot Matrices
  • Event specific Loot Matrices, which is guaranteed to drop loot related to the event in question
  • Freelancer specific Loot Matrices, which is guaranteed to drop a cosmetic item for the Freelancer it belongs to, along with a number of GG Boosts and ISO.


An item can have 1 of 4 rarities, namely uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.

The following is a list of the probabilities of getting at least 1 item of certain rarity in a loot matrix based on gathered information:

Rarity Chance
uncommon 97.40%
rare 79.67%
epic 26.11%
legendary 5.03%