Overcons are a series of animated icons that can be used during matches, which appear as a short animation which plays above the Freelancer who triggered the overcon. Overcons are used by opening the emoji window by clicking the emoji icon next to the chat window, and then picking the overcon to use. They can be only be used once per turn.
Overcons are mainly earned by completing Season chapters, each of which will award an overcon for finishing at least 4 of the missions in a chapter.

Seasonal Overcons

HeartOvercon-HeartComplete Season 1 - Chapter 1
SnickerOvercon-SnickerComplete Season 1 - Chapter 2
LaughOvercon-LaughComplete Season 1 - Chapter 3
Nice OneOvercon-Nice OneComplete Season 1 - Chapter 4
HolidayOvercon-Holiday 2016Complete Season 1 - Chapter 5
Season OneOvercon-Season 1Complete All Chapters in Season 1