Power-ups are floating orbs that offer a temporary performance-improving buff to the first Freelancer that picks it up, through either moving over it with dashes or regular movement, or other means such as Celeste's Strong Arm ability.


There are four types of power-ups, each conferring a different bonus to the Freelancer that picks it up.

Health Power-up
Power Up-Health

Gain 10
Healing-Icon Healing
Gain a certain amount of health per turn. Amount depends on the source.
when taken and 20 more over 2 turns.
Might Power-up
Power Up-Might

Might-Icon Might
Increases damage by 25%
for 2 turns.
Energy Power-up
Power Up-Energy

Energized-Icon Energized
Increases energy generation from abilities by 50%
for 2 turns.
Haste Power-up
Power Up-Haste

Haste-Icon Haste
Increases movement by 50%
for 2 turns.

The duration of the power-up excludes the turn on which it was picked up.

Each type of power-up is further divided into regular and minor versions of their type.

Regular power-ups only spawn in fixed locations on a timer on every map. These grant the full effect and duration of their type as described above.

Minor power-ups have a decreased duration compared to regular power-ups, lasting only a single turn (excluding the turn on which they were picked up). These are spawned through the abilities of some Freelancers, often through the use of Mods. These power-ups are mainly identified by being smaller than the regular power-ups.


All maps have a series of fixed color-coded spawning pads on which the different power-ups will spawn. Each map has different placements of where the power-ups spawn, but the
Might-Icon Might
Increases damage by 25%
power-ups are typically placed towards the middle of the map. After they have spawned, they remain on the pad until they are picked up.

See below for the placements of power-ups on each individual map. Each colored circle represents the corresponding power-up.

Spawning Behavior

Power-ups appear starting in the beginning of the fourth turn, with the sole exception of the
Might-Icon Might
Increases damage by 25%
power-up, which instead starts appearing in the beginning of the second turn.

If a power-up has been picked up, the power-up will spawn again in four turns, signified by the four colored lights on its spawning pad. For every turn that passes, one of the lights is lit up until all four are lit and the power-up respawns. The only exception to this behavior is after turn 20, where regular power-ups will no longer spawn on the map at all.