Ranked mode is the competitive game mode in Atlas Reactor. Ranked is very similar to the Deathmatch mode, but has a few key differences primarily in requirements and Freelancer selection.


To be able to play Ranked, a player has to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Own at least 10 freelancers (including free rotation)
  • Must have played 50 or more PvP games

Freelancer Selection

In order to select a Freelancer in Ranked, teams take part in a drafting phase where each team take turns picking the Freelancers they want to play. In addition to this, the teams both have the opportunity to ban a single Freelancer each before the draft begins, removing them from the pool of Freelancers who may be picked for the game. Once a Freelancer has been selected or banned, they are immediately removed from the pool of available Freelancers, thus there can be no duplicates in ranked.

The game will choose which team bans first and then the order will go like this:

Step Team A Team B
1 Player 1 - Ban
2 Player 1 - Ban
3 Player 1 - Pick
4 Player 1 - Pick
Player 2 - Pick
5 Player 2 - Pick
Player 3 - Pick
6 Player 3 - Pick
7 Player 4 - Pick
8 Player 4 - Pick


  • Ranked-Bronze Bronze
  • Ranked-Silver Silver
  • Ranked-Gold Gold
  • Ranked-Platinum Platinum
  • Ranked-Diamond Diamond
  • Ranked-Master Master
  • Ranked-Contender Contender
    • Comprised of the top 20 players