Explore the story of Atlas Reactor and earn season-exclusive rewards by completing contracts, challenges, and playing the game! Seasons become available after reaching Account Level 10. 

Season Level

Complete and earn season levels just by playing the game. Each time you complete a season level, you‘ll receive a reward.


Each season is divided into chapters that reveal the story of Atlas over time and introduce new challenges, contracts, and rewards.

Chapter Challenges

Challenges are difficult to complete, but offer significant rewards. They are repeatable, but offer fewer rewards for subsequent completions.

Chapter Contracts

In order to unlock the next season chapter, you’ll need to complete all of that chapter’s one-time completion contracts.


Chapter 1 - freelancers wanted!

every trust in atlas is on high alert for a stolen briefcase. be their eyes and ears in the city,and they've agreed to grant you a rare privilege:unprecedented access to the reactor's mysterious creation engine.your gratitude isn't necessary.scouring the city for the briefcase is.

Chapter 2 - Unlocking the Reactor

Lockwood,Zuki,and PuP have sought Helio's help to unlock the csae's secrets,Inside,they discover master access codes to the Reactor.With the Trusts bearing down on them,Helio proposes a risky mission:unlock the Reactor's full power for everyone and break the Trusts' control over resurrection.

Chapter 3 - Trust in US

A Reactor explosion has blasted electromagnetic waves throughout the city. Entire districts have fallen dark, causing chaos. The trusts blame Helio's experiments and have put the Reactor on lockdown. If you want access to the Reactor, find a sponsor...or live in the dark.

Chapter 4 - Choose a Side

The city is in crisis. Wildcard lancers face intense pressure to choose sides, while others toe the Trust line. As unrest grows, Helio decodes more GAIA's blueprints and realizes he may be able to break the Trusts' control over the Reactor and all of Atlas too.


By earning Season Levels and completing challenges and contracts you鈥檒l gain the materials to craft seasonal Loot Matrices and GG Boosts.

Season Rewards

At the end of a Season, all the season-specific rewards will be archived. Archived rewards will only be obtainable again on rare occasions, so grab the rewards you want while you can.