Seasons is a feature in Atlas Reactor that serves to convey the story of the world, as well as introduce new features and rewards to strive for. Each season has a certain amount of chapters which are released weekly over the duration of the season. A season lasts for several months.


Each chapter of a season has a number of missions to complete to finish the chapter, which are tasks that are very similar to daily missions. They often include playing a wide variety of Freelancers from different trusts, fulfilling certain conditions in matches and other similar tasks. Each of the missions provide a good amount of
Flux Flux
  • A currency earned through playing games
  • Used for purchasing the following:
    • Freelancers
    • Titles
    • Banner Emblems/Backgrounds
    • Master
      Master - Master
or EXP, typically between 1000 and 2500.

By completing four out of five of the missions in a chapter, the player unlocks access to the next chapter (as they are released), as well as a chapter-specific reward for completing it. Every chapter unlocked also allows the player access to a short story about the Freelancers, which moves the story of the world along.

Season Level

Season Level is another measure of the player's progress within the Season, with each level taking 10000 EXP to reach. The player is rewarded with a Loot Matrix for every single level they earn. In addition to these, there are milestone rewards at certain intervals which reward cosmetic items such as overcons, emojis and banner items. These milestones are frequent in the lower levels of the Season, but become less frequent the higher the player's Season Level becomes.

The rewards for Season Levels have been confirmed to be exclusive, but they may return on rare occasions in the future.[1]


The following is a list of seasons so far: