Taunts are unlockable cosmetic items that allows the player to use short, entertaining cinematics when they use an ability. Taunts can be unlocked either through Loot Matrices or purchasing them directly for

Using Taunts

Taunt Button

Taunt Prompt

If a player has unlocked a taunt for any of a Freelancer's abilities, using that ability will allow the player to activate the taunt. To use it, the player must click on the prompt containing an exclamation mark (!) and the word 'TAUNT' that appears over the Freelancer's portrait in the lower left corner of the User Interface. If the player owns multiple taunts for the same ability, an additional prompt will appear after the first, letting the player choose which taunt(s) they wish to use.

Taunt Options

Multiple Taunts Prompt

Every single taunt may be used only once per match, and that taunt will afterwards be unusable for the player who used it for the rest of the match. In addition, each player can only use a maximum of two total taunts during the entire match, no matter how many taunts the player has unlocked. After the two total taunts are used, the player will be entirely unable to use any more taunts the rest of the match.

Available Taunts